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Baldrianvej 29310 Vodskov

Polar Seafood Greenland A/S was established in 1984 as the sales and marketing company for a number of independently owned Greenlandic prawn trawlers. Today, Polar Seafood is one of the top seafood exporters in Scandinavia and the largest privately owned company in Greenland.

H E Bluhmes Vej 306700 Esbjerg

Polar Seafood Esbjerg A/S is specialised in fine seafood products and is a worldwide competitive supplier to the retail and wholesale trade as well as the catering industry. The wide range of frozen and brined seafood products include shrimps, crayfish tails and surimi. Naajaq uses the latest process and packing technology, giving it the cutting edge in offering an individual and bespoken finished product for each and every customer.

H E Bluhmes Vej 186700 Esbjerg

Polar Salmon Hjerting Laks is a key supplier of Norwegian salmon (Salmon Salar), the wild-caught pacific sockeye salmon, Greenland halibut, trout and other delicious fish species. Using traditional methods, the raw material is salted by hand, cured and only skill and craftsmanship added to achieve that superior quality. Our modern, state-of-the-art factory is based at the port of Esbjerg, on the west coast of Denmark.